Linear video editing is a video editing post-production process of selecting, arranging and modifying images and sound in a predetermined, ordered sequence.


Monarch Leo HD is a low cost and affordable HD, SD and analog online and offline video mixer which support up to 4 inputs. Monarch Leo HD is specially designed for post-production (Table mixing), can also be used for live events. Leo HD includes powerful and real time up to 5000 3D/2D effects, digital media players, HD media sequencer, multiviewer, inbuilt digital recorder, live web streaming, SceneCut HD PRO (NLE) with over 600 ready to use projects and much more! Leo HD is designed to suit all range of clients with 4 different models to choose. Seamless switching between up to 4 live HD/SD and analog inputs. With Leo HD, you get all the features you need for HD/SD post-production needs.

  • Embedded audio
  • 5000 3D/2D effects
  • 3D Shapes like Page turn, Ball, Cube, Heart etc.
  • FX Editor
  • Inbuilt recorder
  • Live web streaming
  • HD Digital Disc Players
  • HD Media Sequencer
  • Title and Song Sequencer
  • 4K file format support
  • Titler - TitleMix
  • Image mixing - PhotoArt
  • Multiviewer
  • Ticker and Logos
  • 4 Switcher Bus with 4 PIP switching
  • Audio follow video with A-B Fade
  • Supports almost all media clips
  • HD and SD model will support SD and HD clips in sequencer


Monarch Twister HD Touch is specially designed for live video mixing for HD and SD definition with touch screen interface. Twister HD Touch now comes with GOLIVE REALTIME SOFTWARE for Live mixing. Twister HD Touch also includes Monarch's powerful NLE Twister SceneCut PRO.

  • Up to 8 input HD-SD SDI live video switcher
  • Video input includes HDMI, HD-SD SDI, CVBS and VGA
  • More than 2000 real-time sophisticated 3D/2D transitions inbuilt
  • GoLive (real-time HD switcher application)
  • Mix analog and digital (HD/SD) inputs simultaneous
  • Real time video filters
  • Animated 3D transitions with shader materials like glass, metal for realistic look
  • Control switcher functions thru laptop in standalone mode
  • Works with PC and without PC as standalone
  • Professional tactile keyboard with joystick controls for standalone switching
  • 2U external robust breakout box for input and output
  • Inbuilt multi-format digital recorder
  • Live web streaming
  • Clean feed output and recording
  • Look ahead preview/Aux output
  • 3D animated titles
  • Up/down conversion for converting HD to SD & SD to HD
  • Multi viewer with customizable window presets
  • Tally for each camera
  • Genlock and GPI/O for broadcast environment
  • Supports embedded audio in HDMI input and SDI, HDMI output